stilisierter Apfel auf grünem Grund

Wettringen is(s)t Vielfalt

You sign up free of charge and take care of your patch for a season or a longer period of time. Patches come in different sizes and we can decide together which size suits your needs. You should take care of your patch regularly.

It is up to you to decide what you want to grow in your patch (but it must be legal). You provide your own seeds or seedlings and you can share or trade with your neighbours. You can also make arrangements to share your harvest or help each other out when the other party is on holiday.


If you have got any questions, for example about appropriate plant varieties, planting distance, required water quantities or planting times, there will always be fellow gardeners on site to talk to and learn from each other. Maybe some of the more experienced gardeners agree to share their knowledge and give the newcomers some tips and tricks?

We count on the community. Our members don’t have to pay money. But we expect all participants to be respectful and help take care of the whole site - for example help prepare special activities and events or help maintain the common areas in the garden. We plan to have commonly used spaces in the garden with fruit trees, berry bushes, flowers, rhubarb as well as herbs, and those common areas will also need constant attention.

The community garden is funded by donations exclusively - if you would like to support us financially, let us know about it.

You can be part of our garden community, even if you don't want to have your own patch. Any ideas and contributions are welcome.

For more information about the community garden please visit our website or check out our app regularly – we frequently organize on-site encounters to meet and discuss in person.